Welcome to Gulf Coast Resort Rentals

Meet our core team:


George Herning

Owner & Broker

With two decades of experience, George is not just the founder; he’s the welcoming face of GCRR. His expertise and hospitable nature ensure that both property owners and guests receive top-notch service tailored to their needs. As a Real Estate Broker, he has sold over 100 properties in the Gulf Coast area. 

Barbara Johnson was in the GCRRS housekeeping department, but now, is the other office executive behind the ventricular assist of GCRRS.

Barb Johnson

Operations Manager

Barb is the operational powerhouse behind our daily activities. With experience in various roles within the company, she now manages our day-to-day operations, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Barb’s dedication and knowledge make her the go-to expert for our clients.


Diane Critzer

Finance Manager

As the financial manager and bookings coordinator, Diane plays an integral role in ensuring the smooth operation and stability of our business. With meticulous attention to detail and years of experience in banking, she expertly oversees the daily financial tasks needed to grow your investment.

Behind this awesome team, we have a crew of trusted and skilled professionals dedicated to maintaining our high standards. Our skilled housekeeping staff, expert maintenance crew, IT and marketing team, and financial experts all work together to provide the best experience for our property owners and guests.

we are still growing strong

Founded 20 years ago by George Herning, our family business has grown into a trusted name in vacation rental management. George's personable, friendly nature and deep industry knowledge have been at the heart of our success, making every client feel like part of our big family.