Most frequent questions and answers

There are no start-up fees. We are excited to welcome you to our Gulf Coast Resort family and are committed to a long-term relationship.

Our manager will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Guests pay a cleaning fee when they book their stay. Owners only pay cleaning fees when they or their personal guests use the property.

Guests pay the rental rate plus cleaning fees, taxes, credit card fees, and an amenity fee.

You need to provide WiFi. A phone landline is not necessary.

Our free services include remote lock access, linens, professional marketing photography, and a preventative maintenance plan.

Yes! Our software allows you to view and book reservations and print monthly statements online.

You can book directly using our software, or contact us to make the reservation for you.

Rental income is disbursed by the 7th of each month. In your first month with GCRR, you may receive a paper check while we set up your account. After that, payments are made directly to your account by direct deposit.

Choose what works best for you—email, text messaging, IMs, or phone calls. Important updates will be sent to your email for your records.